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EIN (US Entity) : 26-2751787  |  SAM Complete  |  DUNS: 827042214  |  CAGE: 556W5  |  UNGM: 666217

28605 E. 76th Street S, Broken Arrow, OK 74014
[p] +1-848-444-2781
EIN (US Entity) : 26-2751787  |  SAM Complete
DUNS: 827042214  |  CAGE: 556W5
UNGM: 666217

About 1stCHOICE Financial Group

1stCHOICEFG™ is a highly accomplished, hands-on, and diligent organization, offering progressive experience and verifiable achievement in project management, business development, organizational operations, and contract negotiation, complemented with proven success in directing international projects for contractors. Extensive background in contractual and financial compliance issues related to project management. Comprehensive experience in directing and completing projects on-time and on-budget resulting in operational efficiencies and improved business operations. Exceptional leadership, social consciousness, and analytical and research skills. Well versed at establishing solid professional and personal relationships with individuals while maintaining high ethical and quality standards, professional demeanor, and a cooperative attitude. Excellent communication skills. Extensively worked in Ukraine, Poland, Africa, Middle East, Central America, and Asia.

1stCHOICEFG™ has been engaged in multiple verticals which include domestic and international agencies, non-profits, municipalities, and private corporations with extensive expertise in grants management, utilities systems, strategic and creative solutions, disaster response and mitigation, communications, data analysis, and economic development. We also specialize in Field Assessments, RFP/RFQ’s and Reports.


Executive Operations Team

Kathrina L. Nease

Kathrina Nease brings a wealth of experience as the CEO/President of 1stCHOICEFG. With over 40 years in diverse sectors such as Six Sigma ISO 9002 QA/QC, Transportation Auditing, ISO 9001 QA/QC, Forensic Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Internal Control Design. She has cultivated a robust career serving international clients across Defense, Intelligence, Manufacturing, UN NGOs, and Military Hardware Industries.

Her tenure includes pivotal roles within the US Government, notably as Senior White House Special Projects Manager under President George W. Bush, specializing in Blast and Ballistic Engineering for critical government installations. Over four administrations, she has overseen numerous sensitive projects, including security assessments, operational reporting, and administering Grants, RFQ/RFPs, and managing Federal processes.

Kathrina has led complex defense contracts and governmental contracting efforts. Her leadership was instrumental in managing thousands of loss claims stemming from natural and human-induced disasters for the US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Additionally, she designed and delivered annual training courses covering security, investigations, and compliance topics. Her dedication to excellence and strategic leadership continue to drive impactful outcomes in global defense and advisory services.


Dean R. Stevenson
VP Strategic & Creative Integrations

With over 28 years of diverse experience in creative direction, marketing, design, development, and strategy management, Dean brings an entrepreneurial mindset to pioneering industry innovations. He specializes in leveraging advanced technologies to enhance customer acquisition and retention, ensuring brands remain competitive. Dean is a visionary leader in integrated service and global marketing strategies, exemplified by his pioneering work in crisis management and public relations. His projected implementation
of the Emergency Disaster and Management System (EDAMS™) in Newark, New Jersey, stands as a testament to his collaborative approach to crisis management, fostering creative and strategic methods.

Leveraging social and marketing platforms, he effectively bolstered public relations efforts, promoted community engagement, and garnered positive feedback. His involvement in the conversion of shipping containers into versatile facilities has elevated brand visibility through targeted marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives. Dean has participated in budget discussions and created proposals for multi-million-dollar projects.


Rebecca Kephart
VP Cultural & Social Engagement

Experience in fostering and maintaining positive relationships between our organization and its stakeholders by bringing a unique combination of strategic thinking, communication skills, and community engagement expertise. Rebecca brings over 34 years of management experience in various aspects of state government, community organization, volunteer coordination and strategic critical response coordination. Certified Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt ready and able to provide root cause analysis for accurate problem definition, strategic stakeholder rapid improvement planning and outcome-based program evaluations.


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