About Us

Founded in 2008, 1st Choice Financial Group (1STCHOICEFG) has continually excelled in assisting customers with Project Management implementations. 1STCHOICEFG is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and is a Pennsylvania certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality, extreme honesty and amazing customer services throughout, multi-media, project management, and consulting services. In 2011, 1STCHOICEFG, as ProVisio, formed a business partnership with Rutan Productions to assemble resources that allowed our company access to the international media production market. In 2012, ProVisio brought on a professional journalistic photographer  to assist our projects with their extensive background and training in International Multi-Media Production. Prior to June 2008, Ms. Nease acted as a Senior Project Management Professional for large multi-national Projects for (30) years, whose clients included:

IBM – Instructional Design Services • Department of Homeland Security – Infrastructure QAQC • The World Bank • US Embassy in Cypress • US Treasury & Patents Offices • The White House EEOB – GSA Project Management • The Carter Center For Diplomacy – Nicaraguan Elections Observance

1STCHOICEFG is a project-based firm serving mid to large size organizations – in most industries, government, and non-profits. We follow simple guidelines in achieving this goal with our clients. Listen, learn, clarify, and reiterate. This proven methodology is crucial, yet many of our competitors somehow overlook its importance. We believe it is the foundation that drives a successful partnership! Both partners in this relationship understand what is required of the other for a winning solution. When you contract with 1STCHOICEFG, we become your partner in problem solving by outlining and detailing the scope of the project or task(s) at hand. When we as partners mutually agree to the scope of work, your desired integrated Solution will be realized. The Videos that we are creating will serve as tools to project YOUR message.

avatar.154Kathrina (Kit) Nease – CEO & Senior Project Manager
I began my work in Multi-Media Journalism in 1984 when I created the first women’s video workshop in Managua, Nicaragua. From 1984-1990, we were able to produce and distribute approximately 1500 short training and instruction videos used to train rural Nicaraguans in sanitation, infectious disease, best business practices, and social improvement. “Where There Is No Doctor” and “Where There Is No Veterinarian” are products of this work. Today that early collective has transformed itself into a fully functional Broadcast Service for the Country of Nicaragua.

Foremost, I am a Project Manager specializing in the design/build and maintenance of government and military facilities: facilities systems, maintenance, security, Telecommunications, and Special Projects. I have spent thirty years working internationally to promote a “global village” approach to my work with diverse contributions through strong and consistent partnership relationships. I believe that by collaborating with the brightest and the most experienced international professionals, we may offer our client an “outside the box” approach to compelling and complicated subject matter. Our fresh approach to standard materials creates a fresh and engaging “vehicle” for creative learning and dialogue. Contact Kathrina Nease at: knease@1stchoicefg.com

avatar-1.154Dean Stevenson, VP Integrated Strategies/Creative
Dean Stevenson brings a formidable creative, technical, and team management skill set to the projects he engages. Traversing the world of contract consulting services, Mr. Stevenson continues to hone his expertise in creative solution development (brainstorming). Teaching himself several programming languages, he has lead teams in integrated mobile and online marketing with budgets ranging from 20 million for companies to over 100 million for Shelter+ and Telemedicine global entities.

Mr. Stevenson’s native ability to manage workflows extends from a systems perspective through interpersonal skills, to sterling results in guiding mobile application quality control launches for Fortune 100 entities. He also conceptualized and launched Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s first graphical database and medical library user interface system, and produced the institution’s first animated thoracic surgery pre-operative video series. Both focused on refining and streamlining the user-experience.

Mr. Stevenson anticipates and adapts to the currents of today’s corporate multi-media needs. His keen ability to meld people-management skills with considerable technical knowledge and provide clear and concise lay-term communication between the corporate level and the management team is highly-sought after in today’s burgeoning digital marketing world. He embraces the concept of tackling “firsts”. Over 25 years experience in the following: Project Marketing and Management • Design (Concept through Implementation) Creative Solution Development • Programming (PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript) • Integrated Mobile/Online Marketing Production • Print Production (Paper/POS/Clothing) Audio Composition/Recording/Editing • Video Editing • Animation. Contact Dean Stevenson at: dstevenson@1stchoicefg.com