1STCHOICEFG is an 8(m)WOSB specializing in offering Innovative Technical Assistance, Project and Program Management, Human Capital/Resources, Multi-medium Marketing, Design, Audio & Video Production, and Total Quality Improvement (TQM) Consulting & Training Services. We work with each customer’s unique needs to develop and implement tailored solutions and training programs to meet agency specific contract requirements.  Attention to detail and results oriented proven tools and techniques ensure performance and profitability gains. As well, our collaborative international partnerships enhance partner country/region’s capability to rapidly and accurately survey, detect, diagnose, and report biological terrorism and outbreaks of pathogens and diseases of security concern in accordance with international reporting requirements. NJCCR-Logo By developing high quality strategic options and determining appropriate solutions, we are able to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to a project’s objectives.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy & Planning
  • Homeland Security Support Programs
  • Policy/Program Analysis
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Public Affairs & Communications/Crisis Management
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Outreach Marketing/Event Planning/Meeting Management
  • Project/Program Management
  • Small Business Outreach & Compliance Support
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Six Sigma/Lean Six Sigma
  • Human Capital; Medical Specialties
  • Marketing, Promotion, Media Placement
  • Creative Application Solutions
541611: Administrative Management Consulting Services
541612: Human Resources Consulting Services
541910: Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling
541990: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
519130: Internet Publishing, Broadcasting, and Web
541711: Research and Development in Biotechnology
541712: Research and Development Physical, Engineering  and Life Science (except Biotechnology)
611430: Professional & Management Development Training
624230: Emergency and Other Relief Services